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Contact Gordon Stamp & Engraving in Vermont for custom and personalized rubber ink stamps & self-inking rubber stamps. Visit our site to see more products!

Traditional Hand Stamps

Gordon Stamp & Engraving is your complete one stop shop for all your personal and professional rubber stamp needs. Classic rubber stamps are economical and available in a wide variety of sizes.  We utilize state of the art LASER technology to custom make high quality REAL rubber* stamps, which we mount on a custom cut walnut finished base with a solid wood handle. 3" high stamp mounts are the tallest stamp size we offer, however the stamp die can be mounted sideways on the stamp mount to accomodate a larger impression.
* real rubber provides a superior impression and increased longevity

To enter information for your stamp click on the corresponding box in the grid below:
ex: RS1x1 = a 1 line stamp 1" long,   RS3x2 = a 3 line stamp 2" long,   etc...  

Length of Lines in Inches
# of Lines 1 2 3 4 5 6
1 RS 1x1 RS 1x2 RS 1x3 RS 1x4 RS 1x5 RS 1x6
2 RS 2x1 RS 2x2 RS 2x3 RS 2x4 RS 2x5 RS 2x6
3 RS 3x1 RS 3x2 RS 3x3 RS 3x4 RS 3x5 RS 3x6
4 RS 4x1 RS 4x2 RS 4x3 RS 4x4 RS 4x5 RS 4x6
5 RS 5x1 RS 5x2 RS 5x3 RS 5x4 RS 5x5 RS 5x6
6 RS 6x1 RS 6x2 RS 6x3 RS 6x4 RS 6x5 RS 6x6
7 RS 7x1 RS 7x2 RS 7x3 RS 7x4 RS 7x5 RS 7x6
8 RS 8x1 RS 8x2 RS 8x3 RS 8x4 RS 8x5 RS 8x6
9 RS 9x1 RS 9x2 RS 9x3 RS 9x4 RS 9x5 RS 9x6
10 RS 10x1 RS 10x2 RS 10x3 RS 10x4 RS 10x5 RS 10x6